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Pictures from Umu Igbo Unite-Houston Rice Cook-off

Umu Igbo Unite, Houston-Chapter recently had their annual Rice Cook-off at Mamaput Restaurant, Stafford, Texas.

It was a fun event that had a of contestants pitching to have their food emerge the best of the evening. The guests were perhaps the biggest winners of the night as they got the chance to taste different tastefully prepared dishes all in one night.

Below are some pictures from the event:

UIU Food-8 UIU Food-9 UIU Food-15 UIU Food-16 UIU Food-17 UIU Food-18 UIU Food-19 UIU Food-20 UIU Food-21 UIU Food-22 UIU Food-23 UIU Food-24 UIU Food-25 UIU Food-26 UIU Food-27 UIU Food-28 UIU Food-29 UIU Food-30 UIU Food-32 UIU Food-35 UIU Food-37 UIU Food-38 UIU Food-39 UIU Food-41 UIU Food-42 UIU Food-43 UIU Food-45 UIU Food-46 UIU Food-48 UIU Food-49 UIU Food-50 UIU Food-51 UIU Food-53 UIU Food-54 UIU Food-56 UIU Food-57 UIU Food-62 UIU Food-63 UIU Food-64 UIU Food-65 UIU Food-66 UIU Food-69 UIU Food-70 UIU Food-71 UIU Food-72 UIU Food-73 UIU Food-74 UIU Food-75 UIU Food-76

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