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Pictures from Umu Igbo Unite Happy Hour in Houston

The Houston chapter of the Pan-Igbo youths organisation in the U.S, Umu Igbo Unite held its monthly Happy Hour session at the Skybar and Grill, Westheimer on Friday night. Below are some pictures from the gathering…

UIU-Houston-102UIU-Houston-97 UIU-Houston-94UIU-Houston-93 UIU-Houston-91 UIU-Houston-90UIU-Houston-95 UIU-Houston-89 UIU-Houston UIU-Houston-88 UIU-Houston-83 UIU-Houston-74 UIU-Houston-66 UIU-Houston-67 UIU-Houston-65 UIU-Houston-64 UIU-Houston-63 UIU-Houston-62 UIU-Houston-61 UIU-Houston-60 UIU-Houston-59 UIU-Houston-58 UIU-Houston-57 UIU-Houston-56 UIU-Houston-55 UIU-Houston-54 UIU-Houston-53 UIU-Houston-52 UIU-Houston-51 UIU-Houston-50 UIU-Houston-49 UIU-Houston-48 UIU-Houston-47 UIU-Houston-46 UIU-Houston-45 UIU-Houston-44 UIU-Houston-43 UIU-Houston-42 UIU-Houston-41 UIU-Houston-40 UIU-Houston-39 UIU-Houston-38 UIU-Houston-37 UIU-Houston-36 UIU-Houston-35 UIU-Houston-34 UIU-Houston-32 UIU-Houston-29 UIU-Houston-28 UIU-Houston-27 UIU-Houston-26 UIU-Houston-25 UIU-Houston-24 UIU-Houston-23 UIU-Houston-22 UIU-Houston-21 UIU-Houston-18 UIU-Houston-17 UIU-Houston-16 UIU-Houston-15 UIU-Houston-14 UIU-Houston-13 UIU-Houston-12 UIU-Houston-11 UIU-Houston-10 UIU-Houston-9 UIU-Houston-8 UIU-Houston-7 UIU-Houston-6 UIU-Houston-5 UIU-Houston-4 UIU-Houston-2



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