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Emeka Ndefo celebrates 40th Birthday in Houston (Pictures)

It was a gathering of family, friends and well-wishers on Saturday, June 3, 2017, Emeka Ndefo, celebrated his 40th birthday at the Mosaic Condominiums, Houston, Texas. The party which was hosted by his wife, Uche, had guests dancing and reveling far into the night. Below are some pictures from the event…Emeka@40-146Emeka@40-145Emeka@40-147 Emeka@40-150 Emeka@40-151 Emeka@40-152 Emeka@40-153 Emeka@40-154 Emeka@40-159 Emeka@40-157 Emeka@40-156 Emeka@40-155 Emeka@40-160 Emeka@40-164 Emeka@40-167 Emeka@40-168 Emeka@40-177 Emeka@40-172 Emeka@40-170 Emeka@40-169 Emeka@40-178 Emeka@40-179 Emeka@40-180 Emeka@40-181 Emeka@40-188 Emeka@40-186 Emeka@40-185 Emeka@40-182 Emeka@40-191 Emeka@40-192 Emeka@40-193 Emeka@40-195 Emeka@40-205 Emeka@40-203 Emeka@40-200 Emeka@40-197 Emeka@40-207 Emeka@40-209 Emeka@40-211 Emeka@40-212 Emeka@40-218 Emeka@40-217 Emeka@40-216 Emeka@40-213 Emeka@40-219 Emeka@40-221 Emeka@40-224 Emeka@40-227 Emeka@40-230 Emeka@40-229 Emeka@40-32 Emeka@40-228 Emeka@40-231 Emeka@40-232 Emeka@40-234 Emeka@40-34 Emeka@40-38 Emeka@40-37 Emeka@40-35 Emeka@40-39 Emeka@40-46 Emeka@40-50 Emeka@40-53 Emeka@40-61 Emeka@40-62 Emeka@40-58 Emeka@40-56 Emeka@40-55 Emeka@40-70 Emeka@40-74 Emeka@40-76 Emeka@40-83 Emeka@40-82 Emeka@40-79 Emeka@40-77 Emeka@40-85 Emeka@40-86 Emeka@40-87 Emeka@40-89 Emeka@40-95 Emeka@40-94 Emeka@40-91 Emeka@40-90 Emeka@40-97 Emeka@40-99 Emeka@40-100 Emeka@40-104 Emeka@40-109 Emeka@40-108 Emeka@40-107 Emeka@40-105 Emeka@40-110 Emeka@40-112 Emeka@40-114 Emeka@40-115 Emeka@40-121 Emeka@40-118 Emeka@40-117 Emeka@40-116 Emeka@40-124 Emeka@40-125 Emeka@40-127 Emeka@40-128 Emeka@40-135 Emeka@40-133 Emeka@40-131 Emeka@40-130 Emeka@40-136 Emeka@40-137 Emeka@40-138 Emeka@40-139 Emeka@40-234 Emeka@40-143 Emeka@40-142 Emeka@40-140 Emeka@40-235 Emeka@40-236 Emeka@40-238 Emeka@40-241 Emeka@40-248 Emeka@40-246 Emeka@40-244 Emeka@40-243 Emeka@40-258 Emeka@40-261 Emeka@40-262 Emeka@40-264 Emeka@40-273 Emeka@40-267 Emeka@40-266 Emeka@40-265 Emeka@40-275 Emeka@40-280 Emeka@40-281 Emeka@40-283 Emeka@40-297 Emeka@40-295 Emeka@40-292 Emeka@40-287 Emeka@40-300 Emeka@40-301 Emeka@40-302 Emeka@40-304 Emeka@40-311 Emeka@40-307 Emeka@40-306 Emeka@40-305 Emeka@40-312 Emeka@40-332 Emeka@40-338 Emeka@40-318 Emeka@40-345 Emeka@40-326 Emeka@40-351 Emeka@40-328 Emeka@40-354 Emeka@40-363 Emeka@40-368 Emeka@40-370

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